Ikea Haul

     As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I took a trip up to Dublin with my family last week to visit Ikea. Of course I came away with a few bits and pieces! I live in Limerick and the nearest Ikea to me is in Dublin, a three hour drive away, so I don’t get to visit it too often and I probably get more excited about going there than I should.

     Turns out that Ikea has a lovely section with plenty of pretty gift wrapping supplies. I came away with some cute gift bags, some ribbon, classy looking tissue paper, wrapping paper and tags. I forgot to take a picture of the wrapping paper but there’s three rolls – one all black and two white with decorative black designs. I could have come away with a lot more but wrapping paper and bags but I found some restraint.

     I say I had restrain…I did come away with quite a bit of tape….

     Three sets of tape, 12 rolls in total. I quite like the splatter blue and green ones. The ones with writing say ‘open me’ which I’ll have some fun with when sending snail mail and packages. And tape with a smiley face one it, of course I need that!

     Luckily, I also bought a small box that I can store these tapes in as my tape house is full. Other purchases include a spray bottle that I’m going to use to spray paint some canvas, some fake flowers and a nice sized storage things that I’m going to decorate and put on my desk for storing craft supplies.

     I think my trip was successful…oh, I also bought two small tables. One was only €6 and the other €11 so I’m planning on messing with them a bit, tape and paint and all that jazz. If it works out, well, blog content for me! Anyway, yes, I think my trip was successful and I do hope I can get to Ikea again soon enough.

5 thoughts on “Ikea Haul

  1. IKEA is awesome! It’s kind of ironic, I’m going to IKEA tomorrow, and it’s about 3 hours away from me, too! Those tags would be so great for so many crafts, I’ll have to keep an eye out for them! And if I see tape I might just end up coming home with it! 🙂

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    1. Yes, be prepared to spend money. IKEA’s stationary and gift wrapping section is surprisingly good so you may come away with a light wallet but a bag full of tape and tags 😀


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