Planning Life #9

Photo - Planning Life 9

     Hey guys, got another Planning Life post for you this week and this week has a green and blue theme! I like the colour green. Maybe that has to do with being Irish…Anyway, last week was another simple week for design. I wanted to make use of some of the green washi tape that I got in my IKEA haul not long ago so I just lined the sides. All very simple. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any green stickers so that’s why it ended up as a green and blue theme rather than just a blue theme.

     I’m still using the Filofax inserts that came with my planner, but I am on the lookout for inserts that suit my needs somewhat better, considering I pretty much only use the weekly section for to-do lists. So, I’m still in the process of building a relationship with my to-do list planner. If anyone knows of somewhere I can get some good inserts, free or for a small free, do let me know!

Photo - Giveaway Envelope     As for other matters, I hope you all saw my giveaway post and are excited about it! I am. I do want it to be successful so that I might be able to them regularly. I know that it’s not much that I’m giving away but considering it costs nothing to enter I think it’s worth it. Plus, I think there’s some cute things in it that people who like planners and snail mail will like. I’m not saying any more though about the contents because I think it will be nice to keep it a surprise. I have pictures of the contents but I don’t want to post them until maybe a week or so after I send the envelope away to give time for the winner to get it and open it up.

     Anyway, other than that, I didn’t get up to much last week so this is a pretty short post. Enter my givaway, help make it successful and let’s see what happens in the coming week!


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