Art and Hobby Haul

Photo - Art and Hobbu Haul VI     Okay, so I know I keep going on about how I have no money and that I’m going to stop spending the money I do have…but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I swear, I really did need to get some card stock.

     I just popped down the shopping centre the other day and happened to find myself Art&Hobby.

     But look, aren’t those black and white patterns nice? They go well with all the black washi tape that I have. I also got this Forever Friends paper pack which has foiled papers in black, white, gold and grey. So pretty! I can make tags out of them or something.

     And then there’s this set of card stock. It was a bit pricey but the patterns are so nice and the card has a nice weight to it so it’s sturdy. There’s a nice variety in the pack as well with some fabric texture and some double sided pieces.

     I think this is my favourite design in the pack:

Photo - Art and Hobby Haul IX

     Also, I saw a clear stamp block which I wanted to get so that I have it in advance to picking up clear stamps. Of course, then I saw a set of clear stamps which I obviously had to get and I can’t use stamps without an ink pad so then those had to be gotten. This is how things go with me…

     That’s all I got but it did add up to a good bit of money. I’m quite happy though with the craft section that has appeared in the Art&Hobby store recently. There’s lots of small things that I really want and will be picking of slowly.

     And before I end this post, I would like to remind you all about my giveaway which is open until the 27th of August so enter that! Ya, I’m gonna be reminding you in every post until then!


2 thoughts on “Art and Hobby Haul

  1. I have the same addiction with the papercraft section in the plethora of hobby shops in my town. My addiction is washi tape. I love the cards but they are rather expensive in my town, and while I’m saving for my holiday next week I can’t justify £20 on card. When I get back though…

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    1. Oh I love washi tape too. The stores around me don’t seem to have much in stock though so that keeps me limited in my spending…probably a good thing. I’m meant to be saving for a holiday at the moment too so I really shouldn’t be spending all my money on papercraft!


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