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Storing Snail Mail

     Since I’ve starting writing and sending off letters and getting them in return, I’ve needed somewhere to store the letters and postcards that I get.

Photo - Letter Box 

Photo - Wrapping Paper     Yes, it is just a shoe box wrapped in wrapping paper, but is it not very nice wrapping paper? I got it in IKEA. Sometimes, there’s no need to be fancy or anything like that. Nothing wrong with just up-scaling a shoe box.


2 thoughts on “Storing Snail Mail

  1. It’s lovely wrapping paper indeed–I’m actually a shoebox-full-of-letters kind of girl myself! I also like buying a few cute, decorative “photo boxes” from the craft store in which to store my snail mail: in this age of digital photography, they’re very inexpensive 🙂

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    1. Nothing wrong with making use of things lying around the house! Those decorative boxes you see in shops can be so pretty, buy so expensive too. I saw one the other day that I really wanted to get for storing my letters but I was like, I don’t feel like spending €10 or €15 on a shoe box!


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