Planning Life #10

Photo - Planning Life 10

     Hey guys, got another week of planning life for you…or in this case, not planning. You might notice in the picture of last week that it is empty!

     Well, not quite empty. I did start decorating the week with some gold themed tape and yellowish/brown stickers on the Sunday before. That’s when I usually organise my following week. However, shortly after starting the decorating, I got tired or distracted – you know, I don’t even remember why exactly it went unfinished. Queue Monday when I wake up and look at my planner to see what’s on my list – no surprise, it’s empty. Rather than start filling in things then I decided I needed to get straight to work on something and said to myself that I’d sort out the Filofax later but that never happened. By Wednesday, I still hadn’t actually made any to-do lists and I had the thought of making the week my no planning week. Really, I was still planning to some extent, it just happened to be in my head and not on paper. It was a good experience though. I’ve spent the last year making to-do lists almost every day in order to get through the final year of university and since I finished that, making to-do lists to try make sure I don’t waste my days doing nothing (not an entirely successful endeavour). Not planning anything has helped me thing somewhat on what I’m planning and so I can make some improvements, hopefully, in my lists.

my diabetic (13 year old) baby

     Admittedly though, probably not my best week to decide not to plan anything. My sister moved out last week. First it was my older sister a few months ago and now the twin is gone. It’s just me and parents now, along with a diabetic dog and five cats. Yesterday, what with the parents gone to Cork to help my sister move all her shit (of which there is a lot!), I was left to give the dog his insulin injection. It was my first time. I learned that I’d make a terrible drug addict. I’m fine with needles, I just don’t like being in charge of said needle. It was more traumatising for me to give the dog the injection then it was for him to get it. In fact, I don’t think he even realises he’s getting them. But, after all that, I survived, the dog survived and we’re both still here to tell the tale.

     As my sister was moving, I decided to make her a few things to furnish the new apartment and that turned into a lot more hassle than it should have been because I didn’t have half the things I needed. Luckily I had the main item – a table from IKEA. I was up-cycling one of those cheap Lack tables from IKEA that’s only €6 or €7. I’ll have a post soon about those crafts once I get the pictures of them. Unfortunately, I sent the table down to her and only remembered that I hadn’t taken any pictures of it when it had reached its destination.

     Drugging up the dog and hurriedly making things for my sister were probably the main events of last week. There was also a scarf that got knitted and clothes bought for my graduation which is next week but those aren’t so interested really.

    I guess that’s it, other than to remind you that I have a blog giveaway that you can still enter! It’s simple to do and open until the 26th of this month. Go on, you know you want to enter!

Photo - Giveaway Envelope


5 thoughts on “Planning Life #10

  1. Loving your sassy looking diary Emma 🙂 Very chic!!! How cute is your dog?! Awwh poor baby having diabetes, I can imagine it must have been a tad nerve wrecking for you giving an injection – thank heavens it wasn’t me doing it!!! Not that I’m scared of needles I’d be scared of hurting the dog lol Disaster zone! Anyway, you done well and lived to tell the tale eh? ha ha Hope your sis is all settled in her new crib 🙂 Have a great week ahead lovely! Karen xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Everyone needs a lil’ gold in their life, even if it is just tape and stickers xD
      Ya, I’m fine with needles, terrified that I was somehow going to end up killing my dog though 😀 But still alive! I just hope I don’t have to do it again any time soon!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I totally agree… a chic & sassy diary is a happy one in my opinion 😉 lol Oh poor you… thankfully she lived, you done well at that!!! 😀 Fingers crossed no more trips, though at least you know you’re not too dangerous with administering meds to diabetic doggies lol xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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