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A Death in the Family

     I wish today’s post could be a happy one. I have a few different crafts that I’ve finished recently and was I looking through them, trying to decide what to post but then something else happened today which I feel the need to write about – one of my cats died.

Ollie I     Today, just over five hours ago actually, we had to put our cat, Ollie, down. She hadn’t been great for the last two weeks. We didn’t think much of it at first because she was still eating normally and when she’s sick she stops that completely but then her breathing started getting worse and more laboured. My dad brought her down to the vets earlier today and we found out that she had fluid in her abdomen, possibly as a result of a tumour. There wasn’t much that could be done as the treatment options likely wouldn’t help and would only put more stress on her so the decision was made to put her down so she wouldn’t suffer.



     Ollie was the oldest of the five cats we had. While all the others are outdoors cats, Ollie was the only house cat. She was possibly 12 or 13 years old and she’d been with us for around 11 years. Another cat that we had been feeding regularly brought her to the house. He obviously wanted to get busy with her but she had other things on her mind, namely getting into the house and finding somewhere comfy to sleep. One day while trying to get in through an upstairs window she got a fright and fell out. Being a cat, she of course landed on her feet but we were somewhat worried and brought her to the vets. That’s when we discovered that she was a she and got her neutered as the other cat, Socks, was a boy and we didn’t want kittens (we had previously called her Oliver which at that point become Olivia in her medical records).

Ollie     Even though I was allergic to her and cuddling her put me through hell – one cuddle and I could be with streaming eyes for the rest of the night and never stepping far from a box of tissues – and I frequently refereed to her as an attention seeking bitch, she was my bitch. I liked her more than I like most people and I’m going to miss her a lot.


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