Planning Life #11

Photo - Planning Life 11

    Hey guys, yet another Plannning Life post for you and another gold themed week! I had gold last week but then didn’t use my planner so I thought I’d try again.

     There’s not much really to say about the design of last week – I used some tape and sticky notes (I do like my gold tape!) and I put a journal card in there just because I had it lying around – so I guess I’ll move on to what I got up to.

     As you know, my cat died last week which put a bit of a downer on it. A lot of things I was planning on doing got pushed to the side for a few days as I lost motivation. But I’ll dry not make this a depressing post like that.

     I’m trying to lose a bit of weight but I’m a lazy person so exercise is tough and I don’t eat vegetables so that cuts out a lot of healthy food. Instead, I’m just eating normally and picking one day a week where I half my calorie count. Friday was that day…turns out not eating much isn’t much fun. I’ve also cut out biscuits so no more biscuits with tea! Because I really can’t be trusted with a pack of biscuits and a cup of tea. They don’t last very long at all.

     On Saturday I tried to have a no tech day. Well, I avoided turning my laptop or tv or xbox on and instead wrote some letters and did some knitting. I did try to not use my ipod but I gave up on that because it was all very quiet and I needed some voices in my head. Close to bed time though I did give in and started playing games. I need some practice.

     Due to the recommendation of a friend, I’ve rejoined Twitter and also started using Instagram. I don’t know how long I’ll keep them up for but maybe I’ll get the hang of them and keep them up. My Instagram is IdleEmma and my Twitter is IdleHourEmma. I was a bit annoyed at twitter. I used to be IdleEmma on it but I must have deleted my account and someone else took that name. Now there’s inconsistencies in my username across sites! Oh, also, if you use Bloglovin’ you can follow my blog there – there’s a link somewhere to the sidebar to the right and also at the bottom of the page.

Photo - Giveaway Envelope     Okay, that’s all I have for promoting myself at the moment! Oh yes, remember my giveaway! There’s a few more days for you to enter. The new deadline is Wednesday 26th and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

     Oh and one more thing, (I swear this is the last)! Said friend of mind who told me to use twitter and instagram is having a giveaway as she just reached 1600 subscribers on youtube. If you’re interested in beauty things and want a chance to win an Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette you should check her out.


2 thoughts on “Planning Life #11

  1. Sorry to hear about your cat, I’m sure things will get better with time. Your candid comment about weight loss made me chuckle… I don’t like to exercise either. I’m loving the deco theme of the week with gold. You have pretty handwriting! See you on IG MsWaenni

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    1. Why thank you, I make an effort in my planner because too often I’ve written things and looked back only to be like ‘what the hell did I write!’ 😀
      The first step is too admit having a problem, the second step is to do something about it…although when not liking exercise is the problem the fix isn’t easy to fix when you’re lazy xD

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