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     I got a fancy piece of paper yesterday! A.k.a I graduated.

     I didn’t really want to go to my graduation because I hate dressing up (not wearing a hoody) but I kind of had to go because my twin was also graduating so family was going. Anyway, I went, I sat down for ages as other names were called out, I walked across the stage and got a piece of paper and sat back down – and I didn’t even wear the hat/cap thing! Well, I was wearing it when I first sat down but it got knocked off my head and I couldn’t be bothered putting it back on. I was one of four girls who wasn’t wearing it. Why do girls have to wear one and boys don’t?


2 thoughts on “Graduation!

    1. Thank you ^-^
      It is a strange rule. Someone said it’s because girls wear them while boys don’t because girls education is ‘capped’ at that level and they’re not expected to go further but then in other universities it seems that everyone has to wear them so I’m not sure as to the reason.


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