Planning Life #12

Photo - Planning Life 12

     Is it time for another planning life post already? The weeks just seem to fly by but good news everybody! I actually did something last week worth talking about for once! Well, I actually already talked about the whole graduating thing a bit already so I’m not going to go into it all over again…other than to say look at my nice piece of paper!

     Now that that’s over I find myself no longer an unemployed student but rather….an unemployed recent graduate! Exciting times, really. Now I no longer get student discounts and will have to pay full price if I want to go to the zoo. That’ll be an experience.

     In other news, my first blog giveaway is over! I think it went alright. Maybe when I get a few more blog followers I’ll do another one and maybe even try for a bigger prize!

     Oh yes, I forgot to talk about the look of last week…well…it’s blue. Blue happened to be the colour of the first tape that I grabbed out of my small bucket of tape and so I went with blue (sorry to dispel any thoughts of this being a highly organised endeavour). Although because graduation was a special occasion, I thought I’d jazz it up a bit and use some of the blue fabric tape that I made a while back and then stick a blue sticker strip on top of that to write on. Gives a nice effect, I think.

     Anything else of interest I did…oh yes, went on a road trip! Well, me, my twin and a friend went to Cork and went to Fota Wildlife Park to see cute animals. That was fun. Sadly, we didn’t see any of the lemurs that are free roaming around the park, usually sunbathing at the side of the path. Although there were plenty of kangaroos strolling around the place and we did get to see both the penguins being fed and the seal being fed – both very cute.

My ipod died!

     What else…my ipod died! My beloved iPod Classic Billy II died last Monday in the evening. I was listening to podcasts like normal when it froze for a moment, continued on for about 30 seconds and then just stopped completely. Then, I got a red x of death on the screen. It was sad to see that happen because that iPod is several years old and I was fond of it. I got a new ipod, because I cant live without something to listen to my podcasts on, but since they’d stopped making the classic I had to get an ipod touch. I didn’t really want a touch screen…it seems unnecessary when all I want to do is play music and podcasts. I’m not that interested in using it for games and everything else. Anyway, I’m still getting used to it. It’s not going to be anywhere near as sturdy as the classic which got dropped so, so, so many times, and I’m still sickened that this new one cost me €350.

      But that’s all folks. I can’t think of anything else that happened…think…nope, nothing coming to me. Well then, until next week!


3 thoughts on “Planning Life #12

  1. Ohhh no your poor ipod 😦 it’s always so sickening when such expensive technology fails us. Gee that is one heck of an expensive replacement, but as long as you can listen to your tunes now then happy days 🙂 Fingers crossed this lasts a little longer… Karen XXXX

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    1. I can go back now to happily walking around with earphones in, oblivious to the world around me xD The old ipod did its time and served well – it did get dropped or fall out of my pocket at least five times a week. I can’t imagine the touch will be able to handle that kind of treatment though 😀

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    2. lol lol!!! Well at least you’re back in your own world once again hehe 😀 Oh fingers crossed you don’t drop this one… like you say they aren’t as strong as the good old models 😀 xxx

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