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A Paperdori in four attempts

Photo - Paperdori

     I made myself a paperdori!

     Seeing JumpyJess and the paperdori that she made, I was inspired to make my own which I just got around to doing. So simple to make and yet it took me four attempts!

Photo - Nature Paper     I bought a pack of really nice 12×12 inch nature themed card, double sided with four sheets of each pattern – plenty of material then! Well, almost ran out of the colour I wanted because I kept messing up.

  1. I accidental cut the wrong size. No big deal, just means moving on to the next sheet
  2. Cut it the right size but messed up big time with the sticky plastic covering. I cut it right, got the plastic on without bubbles and streaks…only the plastic I cut for the front was too small and left the top exposed and I didn’t want to have to fold over the plastic from the other side because on the front it just looks messy.
  3. Time to try again. I had it cut with plastic on perfect except the holes I made were too close to the edge and the elastic broke through when I was tying it.
  4. Success!

   After attempt three I threw a tantrum because it was four in the morning, I kept messing up and I’d already had to go upstairs several times because I kept forgetting things and I was sick of it but after taking a moment, I decided to try one more time and fourth time’s a charm!

Photo - Paperdori III     The insides a bit messy but I think I can deal with that.

    Having made this, now I have to sort out the inserts but that’ll take some time so you’ll have to wait for another post to see how I lay this out.


2 thoughts on “A Paperdori in four attempts

  1. I also follow jumpyjess and can’t wait to make myself a paper dori I am just wait on the laminating sheets:(. Glad yours finally turned out, looking forward to how it will look when it’s all done with the inserts.

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