Planning Life #13

Photo - Plnning Life 13

     Time for the 13th instalment of Planning Life – the series where I tell you about the nothing that I get up to! So what nothing did I get up to last week you ask? Well, let me tell you!

     ….I helped move some furniture around the house….

   ….And didn’t do the few simple things I had planned to do because I was moving said furniture…

     Well, we can’t all have exciting lives – someone has to fill the role of unemployed recent graduate living at home with parents and I like to think I do that quite well. And if you don’t live an exciting life, the least you can do is pretend you do by using a Filofax to plan shit out (even it you don’t get said shit done). Black and blue are always nice colours to use, especially if they happen to be the ones you have the most of.

     I did try last week to plan my use of social media (as shown by my bad drawings of various logos) and have decided once again that I just don’t like using twitter. Instagram is growing on me though, although my phone camera is pretty shit so I’m working around that with having to use my ipod camera which is actually more convenient for me as I never have my phone on me but my ipod is always with me.

Photo - Blarney Castle     Well, that’s pretty much it. Other than my day trip to Blarney Castle yesterday with my sister and her friend. That was nice. I’d actually not been to Blarney Castle before, at least not that I remember. It was quite nice. Cork had lovely weather (considering when we set off in Limerick there was grey everywhere). There were plenty of tourists there but by avoiding the castle itself and taking haphazard routes around the park, we managed to walk around almost the whole place and see barely anyone.

     And that wraps up last week. I’m off now to go move around some more furniture and maybe treat myself to a nice cup of apricot tea that I bought the other day in the market.


5 thoughts on “Planning Life #13

    1. Thanks! They’re just some of those washi masking tape stickers that you can get on ebay for really, really cheap. I just used the round ones and then drew on them. They’re a rather useful planner supply.

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    2. It is. I have the problem of all the nice stickers for planners being really expensive to deliver to Ireland and printing my own seems like a hassle so I haven’t tried yet, so the masking tape stickers are a good compromise.

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