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Summer Snail Mail

Photo - Summer Mail

     Today’s post is about snail mail.

     I didn’t do as much over the summer as I wanted to do but I am quite glad that I did get around to writing some letters. 

     I’m sure I had a penpal of sorts when I was very young (as most people my age seem to have had) but then the internet came and no one wanted to handwrite messages that take days, sometimes weeks, to get to the person. Why do that when you can you text, email, message and facebook people (not that I’d be chatting to people on facebook due to my strong dislike for the site). Well, when I finished up at university and the summer came, I wanted to make some friends around the world so I joined some sites for finding penpals. That worked out and I started talking to some nice people over email from plenty of different places. Some people I only had short conversations with before they fading into nothing, others I’m still chatting with and enjoying reading the lengthy emails we send but then I realised I wanted something with a bit more of a personal touch.

     Having gotten into crafting and planning, I also stumbled across snail mail in my blog browsing sessions and I immediately wanted to find some snail mail friends to converse with while also indulging my love for stationary and making things. This I did and I know happily have about 10 snail mail penpals from the US, UK, Netherlands and New Zealand. There’s something really nice about receiving letters. They always brighten up my day and taking the time to hand write a letter seems a lot more personal that tapping on a keyboard (says the girl currently tapping on a keyboard). The picture at the top of this post is my incoming mail from over the summer and hopefully marks the start of a lengthy relationship between me and snail mail.

     Starting out, I had pretty simple letters and envelopes but now I’ve started getting more adventurous with my mail. As you can see in this batch of outgoing mail from the end of last month, I started making my own envelopes out of the pretty sets of card stock I’ve been getting. Obviously, I sent that bike one to a friend in the Netherlands.

Photo - Snail Mail

     So, this has been a quick post about my new love of snail mail. If you also like snail mail, let me know! I’d love to know more about other people’s styles, preferences and ideas, or even if you would like to become snail mail pen pals, do let me know! If you like snail mail, you can often get a sneak people of my mail crafts over on my Intagram.

     My soon to be sent letters:

3 thoughts on “Summer Snail Mail

  1. I have never had a snail mail or pen pal friend. It seems like it would be perfect for me, I am always spending ti.e with my family but fail to make time for friends and have lost some I the process. I would love to know where I could go to find some or maybe we could become snail mail pen pals.

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    1. Well the good thing is it’s never too late to find some! The nice thing about snail mail friends is in order to talk, there’s no pressure to try find time during the day when you’re both free to meet up and then going ages without really talking because schedules don’t match. You can just sit down in the evening or whenever you have a free moment and write a letter. It’s quite relaxing.
      I would love to be snail mail pen pals. If you want to arrange than, feel free to email me: idleemma(at)gmail (dot)com 🙂
      I’d also suggest checking out a website called – that’s where I’ve met a lot of my pen pals

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