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Making Postcards

Photo - Giveaway Postcards     Based on my last post, you might be able to tell that I’ve discovered the world of snail mail. I’m not just sending letters though – I’ve also taking a liking to postcards.

     I joined at the start of summer and have managed to send a few.  I believe I’m at around 16 at the moment. Most of the postcards I send are typical postcards that you get in a tourist shop (I have plenty of these because my sister happens to work in such a tourist shop). I wanted to get a few postcards though that didn’t have those only on a postcard shots but these can be hard to find sometimes when you like in a small city and when you do find those sets, they can be expensive – or maybe you just don’t want 50 postcards in that style.

     Instead of buying them, I just made some seeing as there’s nothing really special about a postcard. It’s just a piece or card with a stamp and address written on it after all. There’s nothing complicated about making a postcard. All you have to do is get some nice card, cut it to size, leave space for the stamp and address, write your message and send it off!

     It’s a great way of using up some of that card stock you might not know what to do with and they can be very cute. On a side note, these type of postcards happen to be one of the mystery that was in that envelope from my giveaway.


6 thoughts on “Making Postcards

    1. Isn’t it!? I think the teapot one is my favourite. Shame I don’t have any more of it. I think it was from the Dovecraft Cupcake Boutique pack. I think I shall have to get some more of it 🙂


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