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Planning Life #14

Photo - Planning Life 14

     I do not know what happened to last week – it started and then it was not last week any more, it was this week. I remember it being Monday and I was sorting out my craft things and my new craft room (a post on that to come soon…once I get around to taking photos). Next thing I know, it’s Sunday and I’m left wondering what I did with my week.

     I’m fairly certain the answer to that is nothing as I have nothing to show for it except for the reorganising of craft supplies and that was early on in the week. I have tried to figure out what happened to those missing days. I am suspecting the sudden surge of documentaries in my Netflix recently watched list may have something to do with it. There is some evidence also pointing at the involvement of the anime Bleach, as a sudden urge to start rewatching it hit me and now leaves me on episode 26 when on last Monday I had yet to actually start it.

     What I can say is that I probably should have put more time into my planner because then I might have actually done something productive last week.


5 thoughts on “Planning Life #14

    1. Thank you ^-^ Decorating my planner seems to be the only way to make me work through my to-do lists because otherwise I’m just like ‘eh, my to-do list is ugly, I don’t want to look at it!’ and then don’t get anything done…xD

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