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5 simple crafts using card stock

Photo - Supplies     I have a picture filled post for you today! Last week I told you that postcards are a great way of using up card stock you might not know what to do with. Well, this time I have five simple things that you can making using card stock.

Photo - Card Stock     The tools you need are pretty simple, you can see them in the picture above. I used 8 inch square sheets with some colourful patterns. In fact, you don’t even need the corner punch – I just like rounded corners. Also, that’s double sided sticky tape under the corner punch.

    1 – Tags

     First up we have tags. If you have a tag punch, these are really simple to make loads of – just punch away until your heart is content and use the hole punch so that you can tie string. I used 8×8 inch card and got 12 tags out of the sheet. If you don’y have a tag punch though, you can still make tags. Just cut the shapes out yourself!

     2 – Envelopes

     Next up, you can make small envelopes to send to friends. All you need for these is a piece of card, some double sided sticky tape (or glue) and a scissors. Start by folding the card as you can see in pictures one and two below, cut the sides like in picture three, get the tape out as in four and stick down the sides to finish like in five. The tape I have is covered on one side so you can put a strip of it on the closing flap and just remove the protecting when you’re ready to send your letter off.

     3 – Cards

      Once you’ve made the envelope, you’ll need something to put in it and this is possibly the simplest thing to do with a piece of card stock – fold it and make a card out of it. Just fold it or cut to whatever size you need to fit in the envelope.

     4 – Pockets

      These are a great thing to make with your card stock. They’re good for if you have small items you want to send to someone or for use in your scrapbook. Just measure out the size that you want while keeping the shape of two rectangles with three folds off of one…okay, I’m bad at explaining things so just follow the pictures, it’s probably best.

Photo - Pocket (2)     On a side note, because I made a small enough pocket, I had enough card left over to make more tags, six to be precise. Where else would I store these tags but in the matching pocket!

     5 – Boxes

     Right, I’m not even going to try explain this one – this is an origami box. You don’t need any tools, all you need is a square piece of card and the ability to fold it. You can probably find decent instructions by googling it but I’ve tried to photograph all the folds. These are boxes are really useful for tidying up your desk or drawers, they’re simple to make (once you understand the folds) and look pretty.

     Well, that’s my five card stock crafts for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and try some of them yourself! If you do, feel free to share them. I love seeing what others are making and if you have any other ideas of what to do with card stock, do let me know!

Photo - 5 Things to do with cardstock


7 thoughts on “5 simple crafts using card stock

    1. Don’t worry, I’m awful at cutting too – I’m incapable of cutting straight lines – but luckily the envelopes don’t need much to make. I’m sure you’ll have a stock pile of pretty envelopes in no time 🙂

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    1. And so easy to make which is handy because the the pockets are very useful. Tags too, I mean once you get a tag punch you’ll just be wanting to put tags on everything because it’s so easy to make pretty ones. They’re useful for scrapbooking too.

      Liked by 1 person

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