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Planning Life #15

Photo - Planning Life 15

     Hey again and welcome to another instalment of Planning Life! And the news from last week is…I still didn’t do anything…but I did make it look nice!

     I mean seriously, I am an unemployed graduate…it’s not like I’m short on time because I’m working so hard. I just have no idea where it all keeps going.

     Actually, I do have some ideas…I can be fairly certain that close to 40 episodes of Bleach has some involvement but really, that only accounts for about 13 hours…although now that I’m typing that it does seem a lot. The good news is that Netflix (the American selection) only has three seasons of Bleach and me being the lazy person that I am couldn’t be bothered going to a different site to watch the next 323 episodes so that has put a stop to my bingeing on that. I’ll try make sure by next bingeing session is of a show in English so I can do other things while watching it. Unfortunately my Japanese isn’t anywhere near good enough to allow me to multi-task.

     But look, pink and black – don’t those colours go nice together. The shocking news is that I might have to buy more black tape soon. I’m starting to run low on the ones I’ve used above.

     Again, I really can’t think of anything to say about last week. I gotta start doing some interesting things!

     Well, I am going to be doing some interesting things soon. I know how much you guys love these ramblings of mine where I tell you about the boring life I lead and how I don’t do anything, but there won’t be a Planning Life post next week because I’ll be busy actually doing something! I’m going to be in London – flying out this Sunday (27th) and getting back on Thursday (1st)! So yes, in two weeks time, I will actually have something to talk about!

     I know, that’s pretty exciting.


6 thoughts on “Planning Life #15

    1. Thank you ^-^
      Haha, welll, I think the secret to a good looking planner might come from being unemployed. Of course, being unemployed means you don’t have as much to plan but you do have plenty of time to plan not having plans. I suspect my style might get a bit more sloppy if I find employment 😀

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    2. lol lol Oh Emma you’re a hoot huni 😀 Giggling so much at this!!! Well, in the mean time enjoy your neat and tidy planning operation as when you’re working no doubt it’ll look a little less fancy… worst case scenario it couldn’t possibly be any more scrawlier than mine lol XXXX

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    1. Stationary stores aren’t on the list but if I happen to stumble into one and emerge with an armful of goodies…I better make sure I pack lightly heading out 😀 To be honest, the only think I know for sure about what I’ll be doing over there is going to see Hamlet. I’m going with my sister and her friend and we’ve yet to discuss what we’ll do for the rest of the time we’re there! Might try see if we can get to the London tattoo convention on Sunday though, that’d be cool 🙂

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