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Upcycling Furniture

Photo - Desk After II       Okay, so this is a slightly bigger project than what I usually do – I upcycled a desk for my new workspace! If you follow my blog you’ve actually already seen some pictures of it – remember the pretty travel theme surface in my 5 card stock crafts post? Well, that’s my new desk!

     Since my sister moved out, the furniture in her room was getting rearranged and I ‘borrowed’ the desk that had been there. It’s just a really cheap desk that was bought in Argos years ago – not the prettiest or sturdiest – but I needed a workspace for my craft room (I will be writing a post on this soon). Some white paint, spare wallpaper and double sided sticky tape later and I had something nicer to look at and given the old cheap desk a new lease on life!

     The pictures of this aren’t the greatest – I forgot to actually take a picture before I started so here I’d already started with the white paint. It was also a small space I was working in but I hope you get the impression.

Before (sort of):




     So this is my new workspace! Made cozy with some nice throws for the old chair of course. I may be unemployed but I at least now have a good space to be working on my crafts!Photo - Craft Room Desk


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