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Upcycling Furniture

Photo - Desk After II       Okay, so this is a slightly bigger project than what I usually do – I upcycled a desk for my new workspace! If you follow my blog you’ve actually already seen some pictures of it – remember the pretty travel theme surface in my 5 card stock crafts post? Well, that’s my new desk!

     Since my sister moved out, the furniture in her room was getting rearranged and I ‘borrowed’ the desk that had been there. It’s just a really cheap desk that was bought in Argos years ago – not the prettiest or sturdiest – but I needed a workspace for my craft room (I will be writing a post on this soon). Some white paint, spare wallpaper and double sided sticky tape later and I had something nicer to look at and given the old cheap desk a new lease on life!

     The pictures of this aren’t the greatest – I forgot to actually take a picture before I started so here I’d already started with the white paint. It was also a small space I was working in but I hope you get the impression.

Before (sort of):




     So this is my new workspace! Made cozy with some nice throws for the old chair of course. I may be unemployed but I at least now have a good space to be working on my crafts!Photo - Craft Room Desk


3 thoughts on “Upcycling Furniture

    1. Definitely try it. Especially with Ikea furniture – Ikea furniture is great for personalising (love the lack tables :D). Some cheap furniture and a bit of contact paper and you can make something really special. I recommend contact paper, it’s quite easy to work with and quite durable too – I used contact paper on the coffee table in my sitting room. It’s had almost two years of my tea mugs sitting on it (occasionally spilt on it) and it’s holding up real well because it’s easy to wipe down.

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