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10 Random Facts About Me

Me - no watermark

     As this post goes out I’m (hopefully) enjoying myself in London so that means I’m not able to have my usual Planning Life post. I know, you all look forward to reading about how I don’t get up to much and you’re not getting your fix this week! Well, rather than not post anything to the blog I have scheduled this post about me! Instead of reading about the exciting events in my life, here’s 10 random facts to get to know me better:

  1. Despite blue being the dominant colour of my blog, I think my favourite colour is purple.
  2. I don’t eat vegetables.
  3. I am an atheist and have been since the age of twelve.
  4. I currently have four cats and have had several other cats over the years but am actually allergic to them.
  5. I drink between two and five cups of tea a day.
  6. I have six tattoos.
  7. I like to be surrounded by hills and mountains. I feel there’s something missing if I’m outside and I can’t see hills on the horizon…
  8. …I plan to move to the Netherlands.
  9. I am asexual.
  10. I am not very good at languages, so I decided to study languages and university, Japanese to be precise – 四年後、私の日本語はまだ悪いです。


5 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me

  1. Oh wow – fab facts Emma, and it’s so lovely to see a picture of you!!!!! 🙂 Hope you’re having a blast in London! How on earth do you get by without eating veg?!? Too yummy, I love my Sunday veg dins 😀 hehe xx

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