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Using scraps: washi tape pots

Photo - Tape Pot II

     I’m back from London now! Got back late on Thursday evening. Hopefully I’ll finish going through my photos soon and have a post next week about what I got up to but for now, enjoy this quick post about one of the things I do with scraps!

     When using washi tape, you often end up with a lot of small scrap pieces that get cut off the ends. In my case, when I’m making the washi tape pegs, there’s a lot of tape that gets cut off because the tape is wider than the peg but not wide enough to cover both sides. This seems like a waste to me so I started keeping a small plastic pot on my desk and started putting all the scrap pieces of tape on it. This is the first one I finished. Every bit of this pot is covered, even the bottom and inside. When I finished covering it with tape, I went over it with modge podge to keep all the tape in place

     So now I have a nice little decorated pot on my desk to store my pens in and I’m working a second now.


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