Planning Life #16

     Planning Life is back! I’m sure you missed it last week though I hope the 10 random facts about me satisfied your desire to read about me and my mundane life. This Planning Life post is a bit different to the usual though because, well, I forgot to photograph my planner.

     So, how do I get around a planner post without pictures of my planner…

Photo - Pocket Planner (1)     By showing you this:

     When I was in London, I bought a new planner! A personal size one for 2016! Isn’t it cute? Actually, I didn’t buy it in London, I bought it in when I was in Bath.

     Well, that gets me around the planner section of my Planning Life post!

     I have more photographs of it but I think I will wait for the next post to show it off along with all the other things I bought when I was away. In this post, I’ll just show off some of the photos I took and what I did 🙂

     Sunday – woke up incredibly early (4am) to be at the airport for 5am to get a 7:30am flight. After wandering around Earl’s Court for a bit and hanging out in Starbucks, it was time to check in at the hotel and then head off to the London Tattoo Convention, because what else are going to do on a Sunday afternoon in London?

     Monday – decided to leave the city. Saw a bunch of stones in a field and a very pretty town (went on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath). Got a picture of me, my sister’s friend and my sister in front of the Abbey in Bath (the only proof that all three of us were there on holiday) and ate a lot of nice food.

     Tuesday – Culture day! Started with a brief two hour stint at the British Museum (could have really just spent the entire trip there) and then made it over to the Natural History Museum for a quick look at dinosaurs before heading back to the hotel to freshen up. The evening was spent enjoying a nice meal and a performance of Hamlet featuring Benedict Cumberbatch (an entertaining performance though not my favourite).

     Wednesday – a day at the Zoo. Spent five hours wandering around and communing with the animals. I think my sister and her friend were most excited by the petting zoo with miniature goats.

     Thursday – took a brief stroll down Oxford Street for a spot of shopping before having to head to the airport. Eventually got through airport security (for anyone interested, chocolate spread is apparently a liquid). Arrived safely back in Shannon where my sister’s partner proposed to her in the arrivals lounge (of course she said yes, they’ve been together for eight years), and eventually got the chance to return to my own bed.

     Well, that’s the overview of my trip to London! Took me a few days for my feet to recover from all the walking around we did. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have to go to my cousin’s wedding on Friday so I won’t have a chance to get any crafting done with week I think, but hopefully I can get back to it next week.

     Oh, and Laura, if you’re reading this blog post before I get a chance to see you, happy birthday!

3 thoughts on “Planning Life #16

  1. How do you qualify your life as mundane? You just casually went and saw Stonehenge this week! I want to go see Stonehenge – I’m slightly obsessed with the wacky theory documentaries on things of that sort. Also, that tattoo convention looked like it was rad. =D

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    1. Well, last week was a bit of an outlier in my life, might be a few years before I get a chance to holiday again and pop by stonehenge or a tattoo convention 😀 Although, being in Ireland, I could just drive a short distance to find some stones in a field. Can’t go too far without finding some stone circles and such xD

      Liked by 1 person

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