Travel Shopping

Photo - Pocket Planner (1)     So, a few days ago I had a post outlining what I got up to when I was away in London. Well, now comes the exciting part – it’s time to see what I bought when I was over there!

     Of course, if you’ve read that post you already know that I bought myself an incredibly cute new pocket size planner because I swear, I really do need a new one! Sort of…it’s the perfect size for throwing in my bag!

     I bought the planner in a Paperchase shop in Bath, because of course I was going to have to visit a stationery shop! It only cost me £12! It had a price on the back that said it would be €17 but I know that if I came across this planner in a shop in Ireland it would probably cost more like €25. Prices of stationary here are crazy sometimes! Anyway, that Paperchase shop happened to have a sale on! There was 50% off a selection of stuff so I bought these sticky labels for only £2.50. I also bought a recipe notebook for my mom for only £5 but I forgot to photograph it. My sister bought me the cute owl stamp set as part of my birthday present.

     My sister also bought me some art prints at the tattoo convention we went to:

     She also bought me a small otter teddy at the zoo whom I have named Ben, after Benedict Cumberbatch who we went to see performing Hamlet…also, because Benedict Cumberbatch looks like an otter…no seriously, if you’ve never seen those pictures, give it a search!

Photo - Books     Okay next up is something that I actually bought myself! Some books, because I really do need more books in my life!

     When I was in a Waterstones, I spotted the pencil pencil case which I just thought was cute and even better, had a map on it! Then I saw the cute bike paperclips which I had to get. I stopped myself at that point and heading to the till to prevent picking up more items, although they cleverly line the queue with more stuff which is where I spotted the owl notebook. Oh they know how to tempt a girl!

And the last of the pictures I have of things bought over there, a Hamlet tote bag bought by my sisters friend for me and a keyring I bought at the zoo for a friend of mine.

     I did by a few other things that I didn’t photograph but they’re all things I bought for either my sister or our parents. Overall, I didn’t spend as much over there on stuff as I thought I would but I was limited by my small budget and my limited suitcase space (the joys of flying with Ryanair)!


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