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New Polaroid Camera!

Photo - Polaroid Camera (1)

    Look! I got a new camera! This was my graduation present from my parents and I got it just before I went to London. So happy with my polaroid camera!

     Okay, yes, I know it’s not a polaroid camera – polaroid is a brand name and what I have is the Instax Mini 8 which is an instant camera but I use polaroid in the colloquial sense in the same way that people hoover rather than vacuum and google rather than search.

     So now that that’s clear, let’s get back to looking at my pretty new camera! I got in purple. I thought about blue but then I spotted purple and as it is my favourite colour, I had to have it. It cost €89 and came with film for 10 shots. The film itself is somewhat expense. A pack of 20 shots costs about €25 if I were to buy in any of the shops near me but you can get the same pack for €16 on ebay if you’re willing to wait a while for a package to arrive from Hong Kong.

     With those kind of costs, this isn’t exactly an everyday camera but I love it. I think it’s great for special occasions. I love being able to take a picture and immediately be able to hand it over to someone as a gift, knowing that it’s a one of a kind picture.

Photo - Polaroid Camera (2)     You can buy special film with pattern borders but they’re so expensive! Twice the price of the normal film to be precise – a 10 pack costs €25. I’ve found a much cheaper alternative. For less than €1.50 on ebay, you can buy a pack of 20 stickers that fit over the white part of the picture. Takes a little bit of a steady hand and being careful to get in the correct place but I think that’s worth the savings! Plus, there’s so many pretty styles to get.

     That’s the first picture I took with my camera by the way, it’s my parents with my puppy (yes, my 13 year old puppy).

     Also, a while back I got this cute box in TK Maxx and didn’t know what to use it for, but now it’s the perfect box for storing my polaroids and stickers. All in all, love my new camera to bits!

Photo - Polaroid Camera (3)

3 thoughts on “New Polaroid Camera!

  1. Awesome!!! I got a polaroid last year for my birthday and I love it so much. I agree that the price for the film is a bit insane though the instax mini film is already so much cheaper than the original polaroid film (which I thought I had to use in the beginning since mine is a polaroid brand camera) and there are some great deals for the film on ebay 🙂 I haven’ heard about these stickers yet but they sound great, especially cause you can choose the pattern instead of just having to go with the one that the film gives you no matter whats actually on the picture. What are these stickers called?

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    1. I know right. my dad actually has a polaroid camera that’s probably about 30 years old. I thought about trying to get film for it and trying to use it but it was just so expensive! So the mini film really is great when you compare it the cost of everything else.
      The stickers, if you just search ‘polaroid film washi tape stickers’ and phrases along those lines you’ll find them. They’re great. They come in packs of 20, have a few different themes and only cost €1.33!

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