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Planning Life #17

     So, because last week I forgot to actually photograph my planner and the week before I was in London, it’s been a while since I had a Planning Life post with my Filofax in it. Fear not though, the Filofax is back and there’s three weeks of to-do lists to show off!

September 21st to 27th:
Photo - Planning Life 17 (1)

    I was somewhat busy that week. I had the usual things to get done as well as backing for London and then the Sunday was taken up with the whole being in London. I quite like the blue theme with the checkered pink look. Also, got to use the trip stamp I have!

September 28th to October 4th

Photo - Planning Life 17 (3)

     Obviously for a chunk of this week I wasn’t using my planner as I was in a different country to it. I did make lists of things to do when I got back which…well, as you can see, I just didn’t do. I mostly slept those days.

October 5th to 11th

Photo - Planning Life 17 (2)

     Last week, I just kinda forgot about my planner! I made some rough lists early on in the week but what with it being my birthday, my friend’s birthday and having my cousin’s wedding, I found it hard to focus on getting things done. I have a lot to catch up on this week as a result!

     Well, that’s everyone caught up on my planner and my life!


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