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Card Making – Birthdays and Weddings

Photo - Birthday Card (1)     Last week I had a few cards to make so I think I’ll show them off to you this week.

     My card making started with a birthday card for a friend of mine ( She likes London and I happened to have some nice card stock with London/city and travel themes.The card itself is just an A4 piece of black card folded in half. I cut out the balloon shapes, used some foam dots to make them pop out, used a white gel pen for the writing and added some string to the balloons. Nothing overly complicated.

Photo - Birthday Card (2)     Next up, I had another birthday card to make for another Laura. This one should hopefully be arriving in The Netherlands this week. I kept it pretty simple again and made some more use of foam dots for more interesting cards.

     If you like the cardstock I used for these, you can see what they are below. I got both in Art&Hobby. I’m particularly fond of the Forever Friends foiled paper set which I also used for the wedding card up next.

Photo - Wedding Card (1)     It was my cousin’s wedding last Friday and so my mom asked if I could make a card to put the money in. I had most of the materials already but I did use it as an excise to buy some more so I bought a set of die cuts with a wedding theme. I used a lot of the Forever Friends foiled paper here, some more simple black and white card stock, the die cuts, washi tape, some tags from IKEA and ribbon. Oh, and again, foam dots. Yes, I’m loving them at the moment now that I’ve started making cards.

     When you open this card, there’s another card on the left side to write in and a pocket on the right to put money, or a gift card or something, and there’s a ribbon to tie it all up.

Oh, and there’s also another birthday card I made for my dad before I went to London:


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