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Candle Making mark II

     I was trying to figure out what to write in today’s blog post when I realised that this one has been sitting in my daft box since July! This was my second attempt at candle making – mind you, I’ve yet to try a third time, I got distracted by so many other crafts I had to try!


4 thoughts on “Candle Making mark II

    1. That’s true. I’ll have to stock up on candle making supplies for Christmas – I have a feeling that everyone I know will be getting homemade candles and knitted hats this year 😀
      I used paraffin wax. It was all the store had at the time. What type of wax would you recommend? At the moment, my candle making knowledge amounts to ‘melt wax, pour into a container that has a wick placed in it, let cool. If the house doesn’t burn down, it’s a success!’ so I’m learning something new every time I make a candle 😀

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    2. Beeswax is also good for friends with allergies or those that don’t like a string fragrance. Paraffin is certainly easier to deal with. Try making them in Altoid tins or vintage tins. Or melts? You see what I mean… Oh the possibilities. Oh and one quick tip for teacups – make sure they are warm. This way they won’t pull away from the cup when they’re done. Enjoy ! Let me know if you need more tips.

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    3. Hmm, beeswax, I should keep that in mind – if there’s one thing my family has plenty of, it’s allergies!
      And thanks for the tip, I’ll try remember that for next time. I can see a lot of candle making in my future, especially as my Granny just asked me if I could make some small things that she could give to neighbours at Christmas 😀 Melts might be something…you’ve given me plenty to think about XD

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