Planning Life #18 – My New Planner

Photo - Pocket Planner (1)

     You’ve all seen my new planner by now, my lovely Paperchase pocket planner that I bought in Bath, haven’t you? Well, today I’ll give you a little bit more of an introduction. Actually, I think I’ll introduce this planner in two parts. First (this week) I’ll show you what it looked like when I first opened it up and then next week I’ll give you a tour of how it looks now with all my playing around with its layout.

Photo - Pocket Planner (7)     So, lets kick things off. To start with, the appearance: it has cute owls on it and the inside is purple. I believe there is an equation for that and it goes something like this:

cute owls + purple = instant love

     That explains the look. I thought about getting another personal size planner but I decided to go with the pocket size because I wanted something a bit smaller. The personal size is still easy to throw into a bag but I like the compact feeling the pock size has.

     As for the inside, it obviously came with dividers, six to be precise, and a selection of inserts including the usual year on a page and important dates. The calendar view it came with is a week per two page view of 2016 which is very simple but I like it – simple means it’s much easer to decorate and I just use this kind of view for daily to-do lists anyway. I like the week per two page view. I thought about a day per page view and made some daily inserts myself to print to get me through to when this calendar kicks in, but I like being able to see the full week at a glance so I imagine I’ll be switching over to the inserts that came with it when the new year starts.

 Photo - Pocket Planner (5)    Other inserts that came with the planner are a list of to-do pages and meeting pages. It also came with a sticker sheet which has some options for the divider sections and a few stickers that might be useful if you have a meeting, projects or assignments to organise…I of course have none of those so I’m not sure how useful those will be for me but nice nonetheless!

     One of the reasons why I was so tempted to get a new planer to because my Filofax doesn’t have pockets on the inside. It didn’t bother my too much at first but then I realised that it would be useful to have some sticker sheets and sticker notes with me at times when I was away from my craft supplies. So obviously this planner had to pockets!

Photo - Pocket Planner (6)

     And look, it does! In the front it as four small ones and one big one and there’s also a one in the back that us useful for sliding sticker sheets in. In addition, the planner came with a handy tear off quick note section which slots into the front pockets. I think I shall use it has my shopping list. Being able to just open the planner and it being right there is useful, along with being able to tick things off and tear out the page when I’m done.

     Well, that’s the introduction of my new planner done, part one anyway! Think of this as the before photo and next week is the after photo.

     But okay, just before I finish up I’ll give you a sneak peak of what to expect next week, think of this then as the in-between stage where I had started making changes but was still in the ideas phase:

Photo - Pocket Planner Inside (1)


10 thoughts on “Planning Life #18 – My New Planner

  1. Ooooh I am in LOVE – totally & utterly smitten Emma!!! The owls… THE OWLS!!!!! ❤ If your views are abnormally high it could be me just checking back to swoon over it again huni! lol Have fun using this beauty – it is gorgeous 🙂 Karen xoxo

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  2. Love your planner! I completely agree with you about the weekly views. I used to have a day per page but it’s so much nicer to be able to see your entire week at a glance. Can’t wait to see the changes you’ve made! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Isn’t it? I also find it useful for if I don’t get things done on a certain day, I can easily see that it’s not done and not be forever flicking back through the days making sure I did everything. With the day per page view I have to remember to transfer things to different days which inevitably doesn’t happen 😀

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    2. Use few supplies too! If I had to decorate every day I’d probably be spending a fortune trying to get loads of different styles and colours of things so each day could have a different theme – because that just seems like something I’d do 😀


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