Christmas Giveaway: win some stationery goodies!

Photo - Christmas Giveaway

     Hey guys, I’m pretty excited about this blog post because it’s a giveaway – yup, I’m doing another giveaway and I’m doing it bigger! I know, some of you are probably wondering why I’m posting a Christmas giveaway when Halloween hasn’t happened yet but I just want to make sure the giveaway is open for a good length of time.

     Anyway, on to more interesting matters –  this time, I have a selection of stationery/planner goodies to give away – there’s some tape, stamps, ink pad, sticky notes and a cute card holder!Who doesn’t need more stationery goodies in their life? For anyone wondering, this giveaway is open to everyone – doesn’t matter what country you live in. It doesn’t cost you anything to enter so why not put your name in the pot! Who knows, if I get a lot of entries, I might even add some extra prizes…

Important dates

Deadline to enter: midnight of Wednesday 2nd of December

Winner will be announced: Saturday 5th of December

Each comment will be given a number between one and however many there are and the winner will be chosen by a random number generator. The prize will be sent out as soon as I get the contact information of the winner, ideally being sent before the 10th so that it can hopefully reach you for Christmas!

So, the rules!

These are pretty simple so there’s no excuses for not entering:

  1. Like this blog post
  2. Follow my blog, if you don’t already (you can follow on wordpress, or bloglovin’ – links are at the bottom of the page and in the sidebar)
  3. Leave a comment with the phrase ‘For the love of stationery!’ and feel free to tell me what you look forward to most when Christmas time rolls round.
  4. And share this blog post – reblog it or share it on whatever social media you use!

See, told you the rules were simple! So get entering!


20 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway: win some stationery goodies!

  1. Tweeted… For the love of stationery! I most look forward to the cookie making and decorations just before Christmas. I also love going to Christmas markets and spending the cold days out and returning to mulled wine and hot cocoa. Spending time with my little family is magical…

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  2. For the love of stationary 🙂 All this looks lovely. I look forward to being in Germany again for Christmas as I’ve spend the last two years away from home at christmas and it just wasn’t the same. Can’t wait to go to some Christmas markets and to make Christmas cookies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That must be exciting! Also, who doesn’t love Christmas markets – people always talk about how good the German Christmas markets, I’d love to get a chance to visit some someday.


    1. I’m gonna have to try make it to the southern hemisphere for Christmas at least once in my life. Ireland doesn’t get a snowy Christmas, just dark, so I kinda like the idea of a sunny one!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. It is funny, I’m so used to Christmas images being full of snow and warm wintery drinks even though I’ve never had a white Christmas! But a sunny one is good, we sometimes end the day by going to the beach for a stroll

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