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October Catch Up

     Hey guys, got a new blog feature for you here – a monthly catch up! If you missed any of my posts this month, you can check here or if you’ve only just starting following me, here’s what I got up to in the past month.

Photo - Craft Room II     I started the month with a tour of My Craft Room Workspace and showed off all my lovely craft supplies (though a girl can never have too many really!). Then I had a quick post giving an example of what you can do if you’ve got pieces of washi tape that you don’t want to waste: Using Scraps: washi tape pots.

     Monday 5th saw me back from my trip to London with a Planning Life post focusing on what I got up to there while I showed off all my purchases in Thursday’s Travel Shopping post.

Photo - Polaroid Camera (1)     I love cameras so of course, how could I not show off my awesome New Polaroid Camera! I mean, who doesn’t love the magic of seeing a photo develop before your eyes.

     For people who had been missing it, Planning Life #17 finally returned to me showing off how I had decorated recent weeks in my planner (somewhat messily!).

     I discovered card making: October is a busy month for birthdays so I had a few to make, along with a wedding card. You can see these in my post Card Making – Birthdays and Weddings. (Maybe I should start selling some on Etsy…something to think about!) Oh, and remember that lovely clean craft room I showed you? Well, maybe you should see that Craft Room in use!

     I skipped a Planning Life week because I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! That was exciting, makes me happy to know that there are people out there who enjoy my blog so thank you to everybody who likes my posts and leaves me lovely comments!

     I’m sure everyone reading this knows by now that I love stationery and finding it in different places, one such place being TK Maxx – and so came about my blog post TK Maxx Stationery Finds!

     I had a very quick post titled Candle Making mark two, which as the name might suggest is about my attempt at candle making, and then I showed to you the inside of my pocket planner in Planning Life #18 – My New Planner. Check in tomorrow and you can see my full set up!

     To finish off the month of October, I had to have a halloween post! Check out my cute but somewhat sinister little owl!

     Oh, and did I mention that I have a Christmas giveaway going on?

Photo - Christmas Giveaway

     Well, that’s everything I got up to in October – let’s hope November is just as packed!


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