Planning Life #19 – My Planner Set Up

Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (1)

     Hey guys! I’m back this week with my pocket planner. So, last week you saw what it looked like when I bought it and I teased you with what I had started to do with it. Well, this week you’ll get the full tour of it!

     Let’s just get straight to it then. When you open it, this is what it looks like:

Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (2)

     So it’s a bit different from how it started, and from the teaser set up for that matter. As you can see, on the left I have that today to-do list which I have turned into a shopping list. Above that, I have some sticky notes (I put tape on the back of the bottom sticky note). In the a big section I have several sheets of masking stickers and you can also see a cute little magnetic page marker by the sticky notes. On the right, I have my laminated dashboard that I just made very quickly to match the purple of the inside. It says “enjoy the moment but plan for the future” – which seemed fitting for a planner!

    Turning the dashboard, you’ll see another laminated dashboard! Again, I made this one. I used a picture of some fallen autumn leaves that I had taken recently. I decided to use this dashboard to store some more sticky notes, you know, just in case I didn’t have enough…you never know when you might need sticky notes! On the reverse side of this dashboard is another picture that I had taken so I just decided to add a quote and the first one that came to mind was Robert Frost’s famous poem. Then there’s just a contact info page with my details – blurred out for obvious reason here!

Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (5)     From here we get into the different sections. I decided not to make these myself. I fell in love with this adorable kokeshi pocket divider set by lucyWONDERLAND on etsy and had to use them so I bought it, printed it and laminated it. The top tabs suited me too as side tabs would get in the way of the pen when I close the planner. In this first section, I have lists of important dates that I can glance at quickly and lists of birthdays. Both these inserts came with the planner and I just added some tape and stickers. Well, the birthdays one was just a standard calendar insert that I’m using just for birthdays. I also have a quick study timetable so remind me to do some Japanese grammar on Mondays.

Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (8)     Onto section two and I have my monthly view calendar sections. Pretty standard calendar printable that I found during my search for pocket planner inserts. I can’t remember where exactly though I came across this one so sorry I can’t link you to it.

Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (9)

   Next up is the to-do list section which is made up using my own day-per-page inserts as the inserts that came with the planner don’t start till 2016. I’m using another page marker here so I can easily flick the to-do section open on the right day. I love these page markers. A penpal sent them to me for my birthday.

    Actually, since photographing this actually, I decided I didn’t like the day view so I’ve actually switched to some very hastily drawn out week-per-two-page view but if anyone is interested in these day-per-page pocket inserts, I can try figure out how to put them up somewhere as a free printable. Warning though, they do have Japanese on them – to make things neater, rather than write days of the week, I decided to have the kanji for the days so I could just circle the day it was. But if you are interested, do let me know!

     I’ll skim through the next sections quickly enough. Fourth up is a blog idea section which is a free printable I found here. This way I can keep track of any ideas I have, whether I’ve photographed things for a post or not, drafted it and finally when I posted it. Fifth is a handy pen pal section so I can keep track of pen pals addresses, birthdays and have a quick reference of likes and dislikes for when birthdays come up. This is another free printable I found here. And the sixth and final section…well, I haven’t actually decided on it yet. I might use it for finances, I might not. No need to rush into anything! I’ve finished my planner off with another dashboard which is actually just a piece of nice card laminated – simple but it does that job!

     Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (13)     Oh, there’s one more thing left: I happened to have a small notebook that I was planning on using as an address book but it happened to fit perfectly in the back pocket of my planner so it has become my notes section. It’s handy as I can take it out of the planner completely to write notes in easier if I have to!

     And that wraps up my pocket planner set up! I guess this has turned into a pretty long post with a lot of pictures but I hope you liked it! If you have any questions about my planner, don’t be afraid to ask and feel free to link me to your own planner set up – I’d love to see how others are utilising their planners!

Photo - Pocket Planner Set-Up (14)


4 thoughts on “Planning Life #19 – My Planner Set Up

    1. Glad to help – I didn’t think I needed a pen pal planner insert at first but now that I have found it I can’t do without it, no more rummaging through post it notes for address for me!

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