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Pocket Planner Inserts – Free Printable

Photo - Pocket Inserts (1)

     For anyone interested, here’s what the inserts I made for my pocket planner look like. As you can see, they’re a pretty simple day-per-page insert with a to-do section, study, section, important section and notes section. They’re undated so you can use them whenever you want and have kanji representing the days of the week (starting Monday and ending on Sunday) that you can easily circle.

     I’m not sure if anyone will be interested in this printable as I did make it to suit my own needs with a to-do and study section. Also, it’s unlikely that people will want the Japanese part, but I’ve decided I might as well make this a free printable. You never know, someone out there might stumble on it an it might suit their needs too so I’ve uploaded them to dropbox.

     Click here for the PDF version of this printable. Just click download. It’s set up for A4 paper – when you go to print, make sure the setting is to print 100% and that it doesn’t shrink to fit printable area, just to be sure. It’s on two pages so if you want it to print on both sides, select that and manually turn pages.

     I also have an image version of it. Click here for that. The image is actually much larger than pocket size so you might actually get away with printing it for a personal size planner if you print it to the right size.

     Anyway, just thought I’d pop these up for people. If I make more free printables, I’ll try make them more useful for people by not using Japanese. Also, for ideas of how you might decorate these planner pages, here’s what I did to a few of mine:

Photo - Pocket Inserts (2)

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