Planning Life #20 – Re-homing a Filofax

3     As you know, I’ve moved myself over to a new pocket size planner with cute little owls on it. But what about my Filofax? I still like it. With its wood effect and cute little bunny, it’s served me well since I first got it back in March. As my first proper planner that got me into the planning community, I can’t just through it into a drawer never to be seen or worse, into a bin. There’s nothing wrong with it after all so rather than leave it purposeless, I have decided to pass it on to my older sister so that she too can know the joys of having a planner.
Of course, I couldn’t just give it to her. After all, what use is a planner if it has no inserts in it? As well, all good planners need a dashboard and as it turns out, I quite like making dashboards. I made two her – a clear one that has her name on it and a picture one that can be used to put sticky notes on if she wants. The clear one was made just using some letter stickers and a laminating pouch. I got the idea of it after watching one of JumpyJess’s videos. The second dashboard it just some nice craft card that I bought recently, cut to size and laminated.

Photo - Filofax Inserts     I thought about printing the inserts myself but sometimes I get lazy. I just bought the Filofax inserts which while a bit pricey, are handy as they are the right size so no need to have to cut everything down (inevitably crookedly) and punch holes. Conveniently it was her birthday last week so I put the cost of refilling the planner down as her birthday present. I just bought a monthly view set of inserts, 2016 week-per-two-page view inserts, addresses inserts and finance inserts. Calendars are a necessary and well, she’s 27 now, engaged, and has bills to pay so address and finance seemed like sensible grown up inserts to have….

…..Of course then I printed her Harry Potter themed dividers.

     I wasn’t even look for Harry Potter themed dividers in particular. I just stumbled across PlannerAddicted’s shop on Etsy and as my sister loves Harry Potter, they seemed the perfect fit. There also happened to be four of them and I had bough four different types of inserts. The printable was only one sided so I did add the old stained paper look backing myself. They also didn’t have tabs so I had to add those myself too, but having printed and laminated them, they look great and they’re HP themed so that’s what matters to my sister.

     Of course, having done all this, the planner didn’t have a notes sections and notes sections are very useful for, well, taking notes. Liking the idea I had for my planner of putting a separate notepad in the back, I decided to the same here so I made a pocket that fits an A6 sized notepad. I just made it by folding a piece of card, cutting it to side, sticking the sides down with double sided tape and then punching holes in it. The notebook fits and it doesn’t fall out too easily so I think it’ll work!

Photo - Personal Filofax Setup (6)

     One last thing I added is somewhere to hold the pen. You can see the pack of it in the above photo. This is actually the plastic pen and card holder that came with the Filofax originally. The pen part had come off so I stuck it back on with washi tape and then just decided to tape the whole thing in gold.

Photo - Personal Filofax Setup (5)

     And that’s that! I only used my Filofax for a brief stint. It’s still young and hopefully has a few years of use ahead of in the hands of my sister. And hopefully the Harry Potter stuff will encourage her to actually use it!


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