October 2015 Kawaii Box Unboxing

Photo - Kawaii Box (1)     Hey guys – look what arrived in the post for me the other day! *points enthusiastically to the picture of the Kawaii Box*

     I finally found some sort of monthly subscription box that doesn’t cost me ridiculous amounts of money because I live in Ireland. In fact, post and packaging is free so it’s extra awesome because that’s usually where prices go crazy for me.

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box
I’m a sucker for cute things so I had to give this subscription box a shot when I stumbled across it. At around €18 a month and free deliver, I thought I’d take me chances and I’m quite happy with what I got!

Photo - Kawaii Box (2)     I got a bit excited when I got the box and saw the Kawaii Box sticker on it. I wanted to open it straight away but I did manage to restrain myself until I’d gotten my camera so I could photograph it somewhat properly.

     When you open it there’s a card listing what you’ll find in the box, in this case, 11 different things (the site says that each month the box will contain 10-12 items).

Photo - Kawaii Box (5)     The first thing to emerge from the box – a pencil case. It’s cute!

     I’m quite excited to have the food, especially the Meiji DIY Sushi-Bar Gummies. I figure they’re the Japanese equivalent of those jellies you use to get the shape of pizzas and burgers (anyone remember those?). I’ve never really understood how Unchi-Kun is a popular thing…because it’s a poop and a lollipop in the shape of a poop doesn’t seem that appetising but hey, a lollipop! I thought the other one was a lollipop too at first but it’s actually a pen. Isn’t it so cute! Now I can look like I’m writing with a lollipop – it’s secretly what I always wanted!

     Then came some more pouches – always useful as I have an awful lot of coins and a purse that doesn’t fit coins very well.

     There’s some nail art stuff and jewellery stickers that came in the box which I’m not sure if I’ll use but I can add them to my miscellaneous craft supplies box because you never know when these things might be useful (or I might find someone to give them too). And last, but definitely not least because it’s stationary stuff and I really love stationary – some stamps, stickers and colourful pouches! I love these, for obvious reasons.

So, that was the October Kawaii Box!

     If you like random cute Japanese items being delivered to your door, and really, who doesn’t love that, I’d recommend giving this box a go, even just to try to out for a month. I think I’ll keep getting this subscription box, at least when my funds allow me to. Sadly they are fairly low at the moment and with Christmas coming up next month, I probably should be watching that!

     I would say that if you are curious about the Kawaii Box and do want to get it, use my referral link! I think then I might get some money off the next box I get, or something like that, which my bank account would be super happy about! XD It should work if you go to the site by clicking the banner at the top of this post, or else the one in the sidebar. Basically, help feed my addiction!

Also, don’t forget my Christmas Giveaway!


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