Bargain Buys – Stamps

Photo - Stamp Craft Haul

     Okay, this is another ‘look what I bought!’ post but I can’t help myself – this was a great find! I stumbled across lots of clear stamps that were at great prices. I mean, the most expensive stamp I bought was the Christmas wishes and banner one (top left) and that cost €1.50. The cat one (top right) also cost €1.50 but look, there’s so many stamps in that pack! Loads of little flowers, a birthday wishes stamp, one that says ‘with love’ and a little tag one. And the border ones are separate to the cats so I think they’ll be very useful!

The bear and present one (bottom right) is just adorable and seriously, the Father’s Day set was only €0.50. I’m convinced these were priced wrong because a few of the other stamps they had were around €5 which seemed more in line with what Irish craft stores usually sell things at. They were so cheap that I had to hold myself back from buying multiples. I’m not sure why I would need multiples, maybe for a giveaway or something, but I did stop myself…although you know, if I am there again and see any more for cheap, maybe I should buy some more for a giveaway…See, this is why I have so little money!


6 thoughts on “Bargain Buys – Stamps

    1. Just go for it! Buy cheap stamps, mess around with them and eventually you’ll figure out how you like to use them and what you like to use – that seems to just be my general planner guidelines 😀


    2. I use the Dovecraft Premium Pigment Inks, largely because that’s just what the craft store seems to stock a lot of. They do have a good selection of colours. Sometimes they can get a bit messy if you use too much ink on the stamp – I end up smudging it sometimes. I actually find that the small ink pads that you might get with a stamp set are quite good and are the ones I use the most!
      Oh, don’t forget if you’re using clear stamps to pick up an acrylic block. And to have some wet wipes on hand to clean the stamps after use 🙂


    3. Oh definitely. Some clear stamps can be expensive but you’ll often find some cheap sets – all the ones I have I bought for under €2.50 – find the right set and you won’t know how you went without them for so long! You’ll find plenty of good cheap stamps on ebay as well.

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