Going Loopy for Yarn

Photo - Yarn Haul (1)

     I’ve found my new favourite site for buying yarn –! I’m loving finding all these Irish sites, is great! It’s nice not having to buy from UK sites and having to pay the same amount for post and packaging as you are for the items you’re getting. This probably won’t resonate with a lot of my readers as I think most of ye are from the UK or else America but ya, it kinda sucks sometimes when you see really awesome stuff online and can’t get it because of P&P!

     But enough of that! I love this site because I can get lots of yarn and it only costs maybe €3-4 to deliver rather than €15-20. Also, they have lots of reduced yarn so I can get more for my money. I found this Rico Loopy yarn that they were selling for €2 a ball, which knits one scarf, so that’s €2 for a scarf! You just have to put it together first…like IKEA furniture.

The yarn knits ruffle scarves and luckily it doesn’t take too long to knit these scarves. At first it took me two days to knit one because I had to get used to using the yarn which, as you can see, it quite different to normal. I’ve managed to speed up though and in fact, the other week I actually knitted three ruffle scarves in a day! Mind you, my hand was cramping up by the end so I won’t be doing that again but I think I can safely manage two in a day if I have to get them knitted quickly.

I think these scarves are great – largely because the yarn is currently cheap and I can knit them quickly, but also because I think they’ll make great presents. What with Christmas coming up, I think I can tell what everyone will be getting from me…

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