Planning Life #22 – November Monthly View

Photo - November Monthly View

     Hey guys! You may have noticed that I didn’t have a planning life post last week, although I still posted on the other usual days. I started doing an online TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course which also had a face-to-face weekend section which I had been busy doing. I had intended for last weeks Planning Life post to be about the weekend section I had just done and the course in general but I was just so tired and totally forgot!

     I still intend on writing up a post about my experience studying TEFL. Maybe I’ll get round to it this week although I’m fairly busy this week too! My Christmas Giveaway is finishing up (you have until Wednesday to enter!), I’m going to Belfast to do some shopping and I have quite a few crafts to get finished (do need to have that advent calendar finished for tomorrow…).

     I’m a bit all over the place at the moment really – I’ve started loads of crafts but haven’t finished anything recently so I really need to start actually finishing things or else I won’t have any blog content! So, until I get some crafts done, enjoy my monthly view of November with its red and autumnal theme that I didn’t get to enjoy in reality because the weather this month has been absolutely shite!


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