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Christmas Giveaway Winner!

Photo - Christmas Giveaway

     Hey guys, to welcome in the holiday season I’m announcing my Christmas Giveaway winner today! I know I said in the first post that the end date would be now and the winner would be announced on the 5th of this month but that’s because I thought I would be in Belfast on the 3rd and 4th. Unfortunately due to my dog’s health I’m not there but that means you get to find out sooner if you’ll be getting a selection of stationery for Christmas!

     Enough of my explanations though! Let’s get to it. The winner is…

Alice from Alice and the Looking Glass

     Congrats to Alice! Hope you enjoy your stationery. I’ll be on to you soon and try have it sent out soon so it can get to you before the 25th 🙂

     To everyone else, thank you for entering! Wouldn’t be much fun now if no one was entering so it’s because of you that I’m able to do these giveaways, of which there will be more of in the future so keep an eye out for those – if you didn’t win today you may win next time!

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