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Christmas Craft Supplies Haul

Photo - Christmas Craft Supplies

     Hey guys, it’s December now. You know what that means – Christmas crafts. And Christmas crafts means it’s perfectly acceptable for me to spent lots of money on new craft supplies, I mean you can’t have Christmas without Christmas themed card and paper packs…or Christmas stamps that were €5 but are now €1…or non Christmas themed materials that are half price because the shops want to get rid of the spring / summer nature themed stuff to make room for the Christmas stuff.

     The point is, it is all justified and you can look forward to a stream of Christmas themed posts for the rest of the month!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Supplies Haul

  1. Looking forward to Christmas craft posts. I am working on my first December Daily book (the only adult Christmas craft I am doing this year also my first time). I spent at least $100 on Christmas scrapbooking items and want more. This has helped me look at Christmas and the whole month of December in a whole new light, well worth the money 😉

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    1. It seems no matter how much you spend on supplies, there’s always more that you want! I’ve spent a fair bit on Christmas supplies too but keep finding myself looking for more 😀 A December Daily book sounds like a really cool idea though, look forward to seeing all those supplies put to use!

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