Planning Life #23

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     TEFL,Dutch, pets and Christmas crafts – that’s right, it’s life update time!

     Man am I exhausted! It’s been a busy few weeks for me with crafts and I haven’t even properly started on the things I’m making for Christmas presents yet! Since I finished the weekend section of my TEFL course I’ve been in craft mode and as a result I’ve put TEFL on the back burner a bit, although I need to start back with it this week as I still have half the course to finish. It’s not too difficult though so I’m not too worried about it (for anyone interested, it’s the i-to-i online course that I’m doing).

     While my Japanese has also gone to the wayside, I have actually been trying to keep my Dutch up…well, start it. I haven’t gotten very far with learning it but I am only doing about five minutes of Dutch study a day using Duolingo. I’m going for the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ thing with it.

Victor     The past few weeks has also been taken up with worrying for my puppy – that is, Victor, my 14 year old arthritic stricken, diabetic black labrador who has now gone blind. The going blind thing happened quite suddenly. Over the course of a few days he basically just lost his sight so that’s why the trip I was meant to make to Belfast with my parents to do some Christmas shopping got cancelled. A trip to the vets had to made which luckily went alright and there’s just some adjustments going on as we have to learn not to panic every time the dog walks into a door frame. He’s so old now it really is just a matter of taking things one day at a time because who knows how long he actually has left so I’m just trying to enjoy his company while he’s here – even if it does mean putting up with the farts (he really knows how to stink you out of a room!).

     But onto the crafts now!

     Well, at least an outline of some crafts and what you can expect to see here until Christmas comes. I’ve decided to try blog every day from now until Christmas day! This week I have a few Christmas crafts that I’ll post along with one or two gift buying ideas posts (I have a few games I plan on reviewing and games can make great gifts!). Next week, I’ll be posting about Christmas cards I’ve made so there’ll be one or two of those every day and after that…well I haven’t actually planned that far so we’ll have to see, but now you know what you can look forward to for the next two weeks at least!

     Also, some of you may have noticed but the top picture is actually my planner page for this week! Usually I post pictures when the week or month is over but I decided this time to show it before the week – so now you can see what it starts out as before I start ticking things of and finding space for extra things. The insert is my hastily put together one made by cutting out some paper to size and messily divided up using a pen. There’s one with a week on a page on one side and a blank page for general to-do lists of things that I would just like to that week but don’t need to be done on a specific day. All I did was write the lists on sticky notes to make it somewhat pretty.

     Well, this is a somewhat longer than usual post so I’ll finish it up now! Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season and is somewhat more organised than me! I’m off back to my craft room to craft…


3 thoughts on “Planning Life #23

    1. Yup, sort of…well, I have some transcripts that say I’m quite good at Japanese and I just hope no one decides to test that xD I would say expect to see lots of gold tape and hearts from now until Christmas!

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