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Christmas Advent Calendar

Photo - Advent Bus (1)     So, last Christmas my parents got me this advent bus as a present and as the advent period was over the bus spent many a long month sitting on a shelve waiting for December to come again so that it could be decorated and put to good use. Well, it’s time finally came!

     I gathered all of my Christmas craft materials together, made a good mess of my craft room and two days later I had a colourfully eclectic advent bus ready for use!Photo - Advent Bus (2)

Photo - Advent Bus (4)

Photo - Advent Bus (3)     As you can see, there really was no theme in mind with this! I just threw everything I had at it and waited to see what the outcome was. I was originally planning on this being the advent calendar for me and my parents but plans changed. On seeing this, my dad wanted me to decorate another advent calendar for a friend of his who has two sons. After a conversation, it was decided that the advent bus would go to them so that’s when I added the letters on each end (for the boys names), stuck a mini candy cane and a small sweet in each box and then sent the calendar on its way to its new home.

     Of course, that meant I just had an excuse to go get another advent calendar to decorate, which you can see later this week!

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