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Christmas Gift Idea – Scarves

Photo - Ruffle Scarves (1)

Photo - Ruffle Scarves (2)     Scarves make great presents, don’t they? Well, I hope they do, everyone’s getting scarves as presents from me this Christmas! I’m especially liking these ruffle scarves because they’re so easy to knit. The plain coloured ones I knitted with the Rico Loopy yarn and the multi-coloured ones are made using the Tivoli Whirl yarn. They’re one ball knits a scarf yarns which I love and at about €3 a ball they’re definitely worth it. They’re also pretty quick to knit – they look impressive but it’s just a garter stitch scarf so even if you’ve just started knitting you can knit them. I knitted three of these scarves in a day just recently so you can make them pretty quickly too if you’re in a rush. Definitely consider these as a gift idea!


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