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Christmas Craft Idea – A Fail For Me

Photo - Failed Craft (2)

     Okay, so I found this idea on Pinterest and while this craft didn’t work out for me, I still think it’s a really cool idea and not very difficult to do so even if you have no skills with crafts, this is one you can try out – all you need is a styrofoam ball, a pot that ball will fit it, possibly some toothpicks and a hell of a lot of lollipops!

Photo - Failed Craft (1)     I bought a pack of 4 styrofoam balls for either €1 or €2 and the mini pot I bought was only €0.80 so those parts are pretty cheap. My pot did break as you can see, one of the things that went wrong for me but I fixed that back up and continued on. My second problem came about because I severely underestimated the amount of lollipops I would need for this! You really do need loads, even for a small pot. If you think you have enough, get more! That’s where it might get a bit pricey but if you can find lots of lollipops, give it a go. Just keep sticking them into the ball until it’s all filled up. You could decorate the pot to fit any occasion and if you can get it filled, this would make a really cute centrepiece for a party with lots of kids, or adults because let’s face it, who doesn’t love sweets.

     I think I’m gonna try this one out again but instead if filling it with lollipops, I’ll fill it up with nice big marshmallows. Then it might be easier to get done – of course with something like that you’d want to be preparing it the day you’ll be using it as you don’t really want to be leaving marshmallows out for long so I’ll have to wait for an occasion but I think marshmallows could work really well with this idea, especially if you have some chocolate on the side to dip them into!

     Anyway, this is a pretty simple thing you could do which I think would be great if you’re having people over to celebrate Christmas. If anyone does try this out, do let me know – I’d really love to see a successful sweet flower!


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