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Christmas Advent Calendar III

Photo - Christmas Advent Tree Calendar (2)

     And it’s time for advent calendar number three! Don’t worry, this is the last of the advent calendars. I decorated this one for my sister and her fiancée.

Photo - Christmas Advent Tree Calendar (3)     With this one, I used a lot of the Back to Basics Modern Christmas card set by Dovecraft – love the greens and browns in that set! Also, more of the gold glitter tape and numbers – they really have come in useful this Christmas! I used some twine for the press handles and also used my new mini heart punch. Oh. and I used some brown and gold ink pads to add a slightly distressed look to patches and make things blend in a bit.

I meant to take a before and after picture along with the different stages but I always seem to forget to. So here’s an almost before photo!

Photo - Christmas Advent Tree Calendar (1)     If you’re looking for a good Christmas craft to make, I think these are great. They’re pretty easy to decorate with just some card and glue and you can make them look however you want. The wooden calendars that I bought each cost around €23 so price isn’t too bad either, especially when you consider it’s something you can use for many, many years.


8 thoughts on “Christmas Advent Calendar III

  1. Hi Emma! I just love your advent calendars. I have an unfinished one that I have kept for several years now. My kid likes the Lego ones so I don’t know if we would use it, but now I’m inspired.

    I was asked to participate in a 12 Days of Christmas blogging challenge and I have to nominate 3 other bloggers. So, if you want to participate and you get a chance: . Cheers!

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    1. I think I’m the same xD I just love the greens and browns. Plus I got to find another use for ink pads – you can get some really nice distressed looks with an ink pad and a paint brush!

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