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Photo - Xbox 360 wired remote     Stuck for gift ideas? Games are great gifts. Well, I like games so I think they make great gifts. Also great about games is that you can buy computer games on really, really short notice, if you use Steam that is, which if you don’t, you really should join Steam. Anyway, here’s three computer games I suggest you might consider as gifts for your loved ones – and what’s better is these are games suitable for both adults and kids.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

brothers - a tale of two sons     The first game I’ll suggest is Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. I’ve actually already talked about this game before. You can read my full thoughts of the game here. In brief, this is a beautiful story driven game. A thing to note is you do need a controller to play it. The controls are tricky at first as you actually control both characters at the same time but you get used to it quickly. There’s loads of great characters in this, beautiful words and it’s a story that doesn’t use any English, just a gibberish language to convey emotion. Okay, this game does have some violence in it – there’s one or two simple fights and one of the lands you explore is filled with the corpses of giants…that might not be too kid friendly but it’s still a great came and only costs €15 on Steam, although warning, it is a short enough game, about 3-4 hours long.

Broken Age

broken age     The second game on my list of suggestions is Broken Age. I loved this game. Broken Age is an adventure game full of good old puzzles, great characters and beautiful worlds. There’s two characters, a boy and a girl, whose stories you play through and you can switch between the stories as you please. Basically, the story is a coming of age story (meaning it’s a good story that both adults and kids can enjoy). I’m not gonna go into great detail telling you about the game here but I will say if you like point and click adventures with good puzzles, you’ll like this game – oh, and did I mention that Elijah Wood does the voice of the boy character? Also about this game, there’s a 20 episode documentary series that I think you can find on YouTube that goes from start to finish of the making of the game and shows you just exactly what goes into making it. Episodes range from 25-50 minutes long and they’re just great. If you love the making of features of stuff, definitely worth watching after you’ve played the game. The came costs €23 on Steam and you get a decent 10-12 hours of gameplay.


     And the third game I’m suggesting is Submerged. What I like about Submerged is that, like Brothers, it tells a story without using English. You play as a young girl exploring a submerged city scape, trying to help her sick brother by finding medicine. As you do explore, you can find pictures which tell the story of how the girl and the boy ended up where they now are, as well as pictures that tell the story of how the world ended up this way so in a sense, there’s actually three stories being told at one. It’s an absolutely beautiful game and suitable for all ages because it’s a non combat game, you just get to enjoy exploring at your own pace making it quite relaxing. It costs €20 on Steam.

     I hope these games have given you some ideas for if you’re stuck on gift ideas, or even if you just want to treat yourself to something. These are just a few of my favourites and I’ve linked to each game on Steam so you can read a bit more about it.

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