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Last Years Christmas Wrapping I

Photo Christmas Gift Wrapping

     While I’ve handmade quite few gifts this year, I’ve gone pretty conventional with the wrapping so instead, let’s take a quick look back at how I wrapped presents last year!

Christmas Gift Wrapping     First up is the present I got for my sister which I wrapped in…well, I didn’t really wrap it. I wrapped part of the present (a make-up bag) in the other part, a pillow case cover and then just tied it up in a neat little bow – simple but it did the job.

christmas sweet box     Next is a sweet box I got for my dad. I painted it, stuck some tape on it and…filled it with sweets – I was going for double-bluff thing, I mean who would suspect a box with the word ‘sweets’ on it would actually be full of sweets!

Christmas pink pig gift wrapping

The third one for this post is a pig. Yes, a pig. I didn’t have any clever ideas at first when it came to wrapping my sister’s boyfriend, now eventually soon to be brother-in-law’s, present, but then I spotted one of those cute decoupage animals and thought ‘hey, what if I just cut a hole in that and put the box in that’. So I did. I cut it open, painted it pink, put the box in and tied it up in a ribbon.

Well, that’s three presents down. You can see the rest in the first photo but I’ll talk a little bit more about them tomorrow!


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