Planning Life #24 – Christmas Wrap-up

Photo - Planning Life #24 - Christmas     Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? Hope you all had a good Christmas. I very much enjoyed mine – we had a full house with both my sisters staying and the cats hanging around. As Christmas usually is, it was tiring. Opening presents and watching other people open presents can be exhausting work and then there’s that dinner. It’s tiring just thinking about it!

     My planner was of course decorating with appropriate Christmas themes for the Christmas week using some stickers that a pen pal gave me – the snowflakes were me being a bit hopeful. Really hopeful actually as Ireland has been under water for the last few weeks!

     Overall, I did very well this Christmas with all the presents I got – craft supplies and plenty of them! Well, my Christmas list did just say ‘general craft supplies’. I got a few knitting tools, some clear stamps, knitting yarn, card, markers, paper, tissue paper, embellishments and more. I think my favourite item that I got is the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. So much in that book! I should definitely have some fun over the coming weeks.

     And the presents I made for everyone went down well. My mom loved her black and red feather style scarf and my sister was wearing her purple ruffle one yesterday so that’s a good sign!

     Now that Christmas is over, I’ll try to resume my 2-3 posts a week schedule with Planning Life posts on Mondays, maybe have a craft post on Saturdays and either knitting or other types on a Wednesday/Thursday, but that will start next week. Obviously this week I’ll have to do a year wrap-up post for Puddle Side Musings and possibly something on New Year’s resolutions so look forward for those!

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