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Ripple Infinity Scarf

Photo - Ripple Infinity Scarf (3)     This doesn’t happen often but I’ve made it into one of my own photos. It feels weird, I don’t like being in photos but it’s hard to show off wearable items without that I guess!

     After all the knitting I did for everyone else for Christmas, I finally knitted something for myself! My older sister got me two balls of the Hayfield Ripple Super Chunky Yarn in Misty shade for Christmas so I very quickly got to knitting myself an infinity / circle scarf.

Photo - Ripple Infinity Scarf (2)     I didn’t go for anything complicated, just a simple 1×1 ribbing and used almost all of the two balls. I knitted it on straight needles and sewed the ends together. Now, I’m absolutely awful at sewing but thankfully the colour change and ripple, twisting nature of the yarn is very forgiving for hiding bad technique!

     Overall, it’s simple but I’m very happy with my scarf which is very, very cozy!

Photo - Ripple Infinity Scarf (4)

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