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Sewing a Scarf

 Photo - Sewing Machine    Hey, so remember back in November I had a blog post about the sewing machine that I had gotten back in October? I was just messing around with it at that stage and was having trouble with straight lines. Well, I can report now that I have gotten somewhat better at straight lines and have also forced myself to move on from just messing around to actually making something. Nothing complicated, I am just learning on a mini machine after all, but I’ve been learning how to make infinity scarves – turns out they’re so, so simple to make…once you get the straight lines thing down.

Photo - Infinity Scarf Material     I found this really pretty Eiffel Tower themed fabric on Etsy and I thought it would make a really nice scarf for my twin, so I bought it. Of course, I bought it before I knew how to sew and I decided I was going to make her this scarf for Christmas so that really meant I had learn how to make the scarf. I bought 1.5 metres of it which I cut in half so I could make two scarves. Well, so I could basically use the first one as a practice run. The second one turned out much better, learning curve and all that.

Photo - Infinity Scarf     For a second attempt, it turned out fairly okay and I felt comfortable enough giving it to my sister. I’d like it to have been a little bit more loose when you wrap it around the second time. I might need to just buy a longer piece of fabric next time, but I made sure it was nice and wide as my twin does like her wide scarves. Hopefully after a few more of these I might get good enough to be able to sell them on Etsy! There’s just so much pretty fabric out there that I really do want to make more of these.


2 thoughts on “Sewing a Scarf

  1. I might have to get a sewing machine like this. I only do small sewing jobs as this would be perfect and easy to store in my limited craft storage area. Love the scarf by the way, the print is amazing!

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    1. It is a very handy machine. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a bigger more functional one but I really like how easy the mini machine is to tuck away when I’m working on other crafts.

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