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Making Envelopes with the We R Memory Keepers Punch Board

Photo - Making Envelopes

     I think at this stage everyone who reads my blog regularly knows I love snail mail. Envelopes can often be a neglected part of that but I love decorating envelopes and trying to make them pretty. I’ve made a few of my own envelopes (see 5 Simple Crafts with Card Stock). They are pretty easy to make, although sometimes doing the measurements and trying to cut straight lines can be annoying.

Photo - Christmas Craft Presents (9)     Well, for Christmas, I got the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board and I’m loving it because making envelopes is so much easier now. It’s so easy to make envelopes with it because you don’t have to deal with the annoying measurements. Once you cut your paper to size, or in my case just use already 6×6, 8×8 or 12×12 card stock, you line one side up with the ruler on the board, punch it and score. Then, you turn, punch, score, repeat and repeat again. Voila! All your measurements and folds are done in possibly under a minute. It has a handy table printed on the board itself with all the paper sizes and where to line it up. If you have a card of a specific size, you can check the table to easily see what size you need to cut the paper for your envelope to which is so useful because really, trying to figure out what sizes I need to start with was so annoying, and time-consuming because really, I’m not usually very precise and that normally results in things not matching up. All very handy!

    The punch board also has a corner rounder which is a bit better than the one I already have which is nice because I do quite like my rounded borders. Rounded corners are nice and mean I’m somewhat less likely to give myself paper cuts. Somewhat less. I still manage. Go me!

     I suppose it I were to review the punch board in a simple statement it would be: If you don’t make personalised envelopes often, don’t get but if you do, want to speed up the process and feel like treating yourself to something, you’d get your money’s worth out of it. I’m finally able to put all that pretty card I have to use which is great.

Photo - Envelope     I’m looking forward to all the personalised envelopes I can make for my pen pals. Speaking of which, if any of my readers are interested in snail mail and are on the look out for snail mail pen pals, give me a shout! I’m trying really hard to save my money this year but I can’t help it. I’m allowing snail mail and the cost of stamps to be my treat.

     I love the idea of send happy mail as well, sending packages of stationery and craft materials to each other – could be great for finding new supplies you can’t get where you live and it’s nice to get a surprise package like that. It could be a regular thing or just a once off. Do let me know if you’re interested, leave a comment or send me an email:


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