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Knitted Fluffy Scarf

Photo - Fluffy Scarf (1)     Sometimes in life, you just need a fluffy scarf.

     In this case, a scarf made using the Rico Fashion Fluffy yarn and the pattern that comes with it on the ball band. I bought this from I love that site so much. It just so much cheaper to buy online than it is to go to an actual shop and I don’t have to change out of pj’s to do my shopping which is always nice.

Photo - Fluffy Scarf (2)     But enough of my dislike for leaving the house. Back to the scarf! This one is something I knitted for my sister for Christmas. I couldn’t think of what kind of scarf to knit for her that I could get done quickly and then I stumbled across this fluffy scarf yarn for pretty cheap. It’s one of those ‘one ball knits a scarf’ yarns which I love – seriously, if you need to knit a lot of scarves for presents, those things are lifesavers because they’re generally pretty easy and quick. They do tend to knit short enough scarves usually and my sister quite likes wide and long scarves. This was easily remedied though. The yarn was only €3 a ball so I just picked up a second one and used the two to knit one scarf, allowing me to knit it a little wider and a little longer.

     For €6 and a few hours of casual knitting, I’m happy with the result. This was my first time using a fluffy yarn like this. I quite liked using it and it was definitely nice to hold – so soft! I’m definitely going to pick up some more of this yarn if I can because I think these fluffy scarves could make great gifts, especially now that the weather’s finally decided to go down the chilly route. Crazy idea, maybe I should need one for myself…

     Oh yes, and apologies for looking a tad bit crazy in the photo – I hadn’t slept in a while and that never makes for a good selfie!


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