Planning Life #26 – Knitting for Etsy

Photo - Planning Life 26 (2)

     Well, not getting things done pretty much sums up the last two weeks of my planner. So many boxes left un-ticked! It was one of those weeks where I just couldn’t motivate myself to do the things I had planned to do and nothing got done on the day I thought I would do it. But what can you do! Hopefully I’ll be a little bit more organised and motivated this week.

     Although I did get a few useful things done last week.  There was a lot of frustration at photo set up (or lack thereof) and not having any light but in between that I got a good bit of knitting done. But seriously, it’s really hard to take good pictures when it’s so dark outside at noon you’d swear it was night time. Where has all the light gone!?

Photo - Esty IdleHourCrafts Cards     I have actually been fairly busy of late knitting up a bunch of scarves so that I have stock for my Etsy shop – Idle Hour Crafts – which I am happy to say now has stuff for sale in it! And a logo! Seeing as I’ll likely be selling knitted items and paper craft/snail mail stuff, a ball of yarn with some pencils as needles seemed a fitting image to use. Anyway, I’ve got a couple of scarves up there if you want to check them out and also some packages of confetti. Heart shaped confetti. Well, Valentine’s Day is next month and all so it seemed a suitable item to put up.

     I’m really hoping that this year I can sell a few bits and pieces on Etsy to help pay for my hobby. Turns out crafting can get pretty expensive when you can’t stop yourself from buying pretty card stock and tape! Snail mail too – wish sending things around the world wasn’t so expensive.

     You know, I’d love to just be able to make a living from knitting scarves. I’ve really been able to work my way through my Netflix list recently while knitting! I managed to watch all of Making a Murderer in just two days. A girl can dream of a good life!

     Let’s see, has anything of note happened to me…Oh. I did complete the online TEFL course I was doing. Supposedly I’m now able to teach English as a foreign language. I don’t feel very ready though.

     So yes, I finished my online course and I sorted out my Etsy shop. That’s pretty much what last week…and the week before…was. Not the most interesting of stories but then again, I’d probably have to leave my house for something interesting to happen…maybe I should consider that…


2 thoughts on “Planning Life #26 – Knitting for Etsy

  1. It may not be interesting but it definitely is motivational. Your Shop looks great, makes me want to get moving on adding more stuff to mine. Also love the pics I think I need to get better at taking pictures in general. What’s your secret?

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    1. Took me a while to motivate myself to sort out my shop but I finally did it 😀 Glad you like the pics! Definitely the most stressful part that was. My photo setup itself is pretty simple (might do a post on it at some point). It’s basically just some large sheets of white card taped to the wall and floor by a window. I can only take photos on really bright days in the morning because otherwise there’s not enough light or it makes really ugly shadows.
      I was taking pictures with bridge camera but I just couldn’t get the colours right so I did eventually switch over to my old DSLR so I could take pictures in RAW and adjust the colours – mostly to make the background actually white. Made such a huge difference! If you have anything that can take pictures in RAW, use it, definitely!

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